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Property Owner Excuses to Contractors

Posted on March 12, 2022 by Ron Mawhorter

One of the largest problems when doing work for home owners, contractors, property developers, contractors or other people who hires you, will probably be money. How can you receives a commission for the task which you have already done?

I haven't any money at this time and I am going to pay you the moment I get my next draw from the lender, my ship will come in, I get yourself a loan from the relative or whichever excuse they can develop. Show them that is not your trouble plus they have two days to create the money, if not.

This usually does not have any influence on these kinds of people. They are threatened by everyone plus they themselves have heard every reaction to their excuses you could imagine. There is not very much that can be done if someone really doesn't anticipate paying you your cash, except taking them to court or arbitration.

There are however, a couple of things that that can be done, before it's too late. Don't keep doing work for these people. Should they miss a payment, stop work until you're paid. This can send them an obvious message you are not messing around and be prepared to be paid promptly.

Don't let them use any excuses or make one feel guilty, since they haven't paid you. If you are finished with your part of the project and it's really time to receives a commission, stop working and soon you have already been.

If you're a genuine person, dishonest people may take one to the cleaners. A few of these folks are extremely gifted at the art of manipulating others, but keep a very important factor in mind. In the event that you stop now and do not get paid because of this part of the project, you are going to be better off than waiting until the next pay period and today you're two payments behind.

Try to build up a strict payment plan and stay with it. Your company's survival depends upon.